TicketCity Reviews 2019. Get To Know Is It Legit, Safe & Reliable?


There are no hidden fees on order or delivery.


High price of the service.


TicketCity is a great, economical and safe sports and concerts tickets provider.

TicketCity is a ticket provider that focuses on reselling tickets for sport events. It is a trustworthy ticket platform that gives you opportunities to purchase trusted, safe tickets.

TicketCity has excessive service fee on a market. When buying ticket from secondary ticket agencies you have to pay additional fee for the service. Such brokers have it’s own price and TicketCity is known for the higest extra fee. Besides service fee TicketCity doesn’t include any other hidden fees such as payment for delivery or expenses for printing or e-tickets.

Often TicketCity provides customers discounts for the electronic tickets. By choosing the option of e-tickets you will be provided with specific barcode which will let you enter the stadium buy showing it to the guard at the entrance. So this is a good option for busy people who doesn’t have time for picking their tickets up at the reseller’s office. You can easily download your e-ticket and print it in any convenient place. Both of these comfortable options have no supplemental fee which is few and far between among ticket sellers.

Their mission is to bring efficiency and transparency to what has traditionally been a murky market place, thus allowing consumers to buy tickets in a safe and guaranteed way.

To support this, Ticket City offer full ticket tracking, managed logistics and customer service support.  Once you purchase a ticket and receive a confirmation email, they make sure that you receive your ticket on time for the event.

TicketCity take security very seriously – all transactions are safe and secure. They  use the most up-to-date SSL encryption technology to protect your personal and transaction information. But there is no option to return your ticket back to TicketCity. They do not provide neiser refund policy nor the ticket insurance. If somehow you can’t attend the event there is only one way to get rid of your ticket is to sell it for anyone online.

Among advantages for customers we would mention premium parking and a bonus program. If you have got sport fans in your family, you have an opportunity to present them gift cards. TicketCity also reminds you for an upcoming sport events via email newsletter.

TicketCity Reviews From Buyers

From the moment you find the tickets you want, to the day you receive your tickets, Ticket City will be there to guide you through every step of your order.  Along with their reliable and professional service they  guarantee that your tickets will be authentic, arrive on time before the event, and be exactly what you ordered or better.  Have they convinced you?  If not, hopefully reading about what their customers have to say will…


  1. Jane TicketCity Review

    “Without a doubt, top quality ticket service”
    After my experience with Ticket City this year, I probably won’t be switching to anyone else. I’ve used many of the top ticket resell sites before but this site tops the list. Very pleased with their excellent prices and services and will continue using you guys in the future. Without a doubt, top quality ticket service. Thanks.

  2. Peter TicketCity Review

    “Very pleased with the service”
    I was always scared of purchasing tickets online just because the ticket prices were so high and didn’t trust the resale sites. After I found TicketCity that changed everything. Not only were the prices well within reason but was very pleased with the service. Now that I have my confidence back I will certainly use you again. Tickets came quickly and the event was fantastic.

  3. Jason TicketCity Review

    “Ticket City definitely came through for me”
    Couldn’t believe it when I found a pair of tickets on Ticket City for some great seats at a price much lower then the competition. I even went to the box office a couple of weeks before the event just to see how much they were asking for the same pair of tickets and it was almost double the price. I was skeptical that the seats weren’t all that they made them out to be. The seats turned out to be incredible and my wife and I had a wonderful time. Ticket City definitely came through for me. Thanks for the great tickets and you can count on me using your service again in the future.

  4. Samuel TicketCity Review

    “I’ll be sure to to tell my friends and family about this site”
    Exactly what I was looking for. Ticket City has very reasonable prices along with great service. Got my tickets very fast and at a great price. Will always use you for my ticket needs. Thank you very much. I’ll be sure to tell my friends and family about this site.

  5. Sindy TicketCity Review

    “Would recommend this site to others”
    Ticket prices were within my budget and the service was excellent. My tickets arrived when expected and there was nothing to worry about. Would recommend TicketCity to others.

  6. Hollye Simpson TicketCity Review

    BUYER BEWARE!!! This company has employees whose main role is to call the ticketing departments at events i.e. Rodeo Austin, Rodeo Houston, Austin City Limits, etc. and give a false name and info to purchase tickets in bulk and then will turn around and sell them for a higher price through their website. So not only are they taking advantage of you as a customer, but also taking advantage of these events especially the non-profit organizations such as Rodeo Austin and Rodeo Houston. The one star on here is very generous. If I weren’t forced to click on at least one star then there wouldn’t be any stars. It’s sad that these people make a living doing this. Also the information that they give about each event is not completely accurate. My advice is to always click on and purchase your tickets from the event’s direct link so you can for sure know what you are getting.

  7. Jose Dias TicketCity Review

    Disappointing customer service. I made a mistake with the dates of the tickets and within 1h I tried to change it, just one day difference. In less than 1 min I got a reply back saying sorry, this is not any more their problem and good luck in re-selling the tickets. Sorry but this Sucks!

  8. Kelly Curry TicketCity Review

    BUYER BEWARE!!! In August I searched though TicketCity for sold out concert tickets to see Halsey at Webster Hall in October. The search TicketCity brought up offered me $100 tickets listed under “Halsey” at “Webster Hall” on the date she was scheduled to perform. After providing my payment, I received a confirmation e-mail that I ACTUALLY purchased tickets to see a band I have never heard of before in the basement level of Webster Hall that day-not giving me access to Halsey whatsoever. These tickets had a face value of $10 and were actually free at the door the day of the show because they never sold out by the date of the show.

    I called TicketCity to explain that their seller had improperly listed tickets to a no-name band under the headliner’s name, but that the tickets did not give me access to see the artist I paid to see and searched for through their site. They said all sales are final and there was nothing they could do.

    I have used this site plenty of times in the past, but I will absolutely never buy another ticket through them again. This is fraud. They allow their sellers to fraudulently list tickets and then provide no protection to their buyers-they got their cut of the deal, so why would they care?

    NEVER again. I go to at least a dozen concerts per year…looks like they just lost a huge chunk of my future thousands of dollars spent. Other 3rd party ticket sites are trustworthy and protect the buyer as much if not more than the seller. You may pay a bit more per ticket, but at the end of the day, at least you are getting what you pay for and not tickets that were actually free to see some bootleg garage band.

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