TicketCity Reviews 2017. Get To Know Is It Legit, Safe & Reliable?



There are no hidden fees on order or delivery.


High price of the service.


TicketCity is a great, economical and safe sports and concerts tickets provider.

TicketCity is a ticket provider that focuses on reselling tickets for sport events. It is a trustworthy ticket platform that gives you opportunities to purchase trusted, safe tickets.

TicketCity has excessive service fee on a market. When buying ticket from secondary ticket agencies you have to pay additional fee for the service. Such brokers have it’s own price and TicketCity is known for the higest extra fee. Besides service fee TicketCity doesn’t include any other hidden fees such as payment for delivery or expenses for printing or e-tickets.

Often TicketCity provides customers discounts for the electronic tickets. By choosing the option of e-tickets you will be provided with specific barcode wich will let you enter the stadium buy showing it to the guard at the entrance. So this is a good option for busy people who doesn’t have time for picking their tickets up at the reseller’s office. You can easily download your e-ticket and print it in any convenient place. Both of these comfortable options have no supplemental fee which is few and far between among ticket sellers.

There is no option to return your ticket back to TicketCity. They do not provide neiser refund policy nor the ticket insurance.

If somehow you are can’t attend the event there is only one way to get rid of your ticket is to sell it for anyone online.
Among advantages for customers we would mention premium parking and a bonus program. If you have got sport fans in your family, you have an opportunity to present them gift cards. TicketCity also reminds you for an upcoming sport events via email newsletter.

TicketCity supports their clients with brief and userfriendly FAQ page located on their website. You can axplore there the most popular issues that people came across while dealing with TicketCity. And always you can get in touch with TicketCity through phone, e-mail and web chat. Last is the real benefit, cuase not a lot ticket providers offers such function.

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